SMS Gateway Account
You need an account to be able to access the SMS Gateway to send SMS. You can only send an sms via API or the portal if you have an account
Anyone interested in using the SMS Gateway is allowed to have an account. You can either have an account for yourself (Personal) or for your company (cooperate)
Kindly fill the pop up form after clicking on the CLICK HERE TO REQUEST FOR SMS ACCOUNT on the top of the login screen

Your request will be received by the back end team. The backend team will authenticate your request and feedback in less than 48 hours on your SMS account request
An SMS costs GH0.03. The billing is prepaid. You choose how much you want to buy in multiples of the pricing
example: 100 credits = GHC 3.00
You can top with your mobile money wallet or via card. Kindly go to DrayTech SMS Gateway Credit Top up to top up.:
For payment related issues. You may contact customer service for support.(email: [email protected], mobile: +233 268 554 694; +233 541 926 720; +233 207 025 249)
You will receive an email confirmation after each successful SMS top-up. Also you may log in and check on your sms Balance after a successful top up
Sending SMS
SENDER ID refers to the name your SMS will go out to.
You cannot send an SMS without a SENDER ID. You amy use a sender ID of your choice, however the SENDER ID should not be more than 9 characters.
Each sms message (1 -150 characters) for each number costs an sms credit. The number of characters in an sms message and the number of mobile numbers to be sent to will determine the amount of sms credit to be used.
Message Templates are reusable sms messages you can create and use to make it easier to send SMS on the go. You can create as many as possible templates for your use.